Judy Pfaff's ar.chae.ol.o.gy

Cited by critics as the pioneer of installation-art, Judy Pfaff steadfastly refuses to give narrative meaning to her work. This film provides a look into her artistic process as she develops and installs a site-specific work at the Pamela Salisbury Gallery in Hudson, New York.

The installation can be seen now through July 25th, 2021.



Digifabshop is a digital fabrication company in Hudson, New York, that specializes in custom architectural interiors. This film showcases the increasingly sophisticated technological tools that support Digifab's work, which remains above all grounded in its core strength: a diverse, highly qualified, and collaborative team.



Lois Dickson is an artist whose work is rooted in the organic forms of the natural world. This short portrait, grounded in oral history and observational documentary techniques, explores several key moments in her development as a renowned painter of abstracted landscapes.


Sky Farm Hemp atmospherics

Sky Farm Hemp grows organic CBD hemp flower using regenerative, soil-building methods in the Oblong Valley of eastern New York. This set of moving images was created to support Sky Farm's client outreach and direct sales.


Steeplechase Pier, Coney Island

This Coney Island pier serves as a year-round gathering site for urban fishing enthusiasts in New York City. This film was created in conjunction with an observational documentary filmmaking workshop at Union Docs.



Momentum is a training institute and movement incubator, committed to teaching and learning the craft of popular movements. This is one of three video shorts - each with a distinct emphasis - created to concisely introduce the core qualities of the organization to the community of social justice organizers it aims to support.